2021 Woody Guthrie Award: Doug Schulte

2015 Chapter of the Year


The HEAR HD Victor Gonzalez Santos Community Award

 The “Victor Gonzalez Santos Community Award” created by Biby Gonzalez and Hear HD is given out annualluy at Team Hope Walk.  Victor Gonzalez Santos, Biby's father, was very active in the HD Community on both sides of the border and always wanted to help those less fortunate.  This award is given to a deserving family that has been working hard in our HD community to raise awareness and funds to continue the fight.  It’s an award of life, an award to remind us that we are NOT HD, just like Biby's father was NOT HD. This award is a “Family Award” not an individual award, because HD is a family disease were the entire family is affected.   In spite of the family might be going through, they still have the courage to help in their communities. It’s an award to say “Thank you for all you do - we do notice.”

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Aaron Cameron and All in for Ace

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Margaret, Tim and Mindy Schroeder

Beth Hoffman

Jennifer Hill


Nan Pace