The San Diego Chapter has made it a mission to educate first responders about the symptoms of HD and how to properly handle confrontations. More about this local effort can be read here.
 If you’re located in the San Diego area and would like to have your local police, fire, or paramedic services educated about HD please contact Doug Schulte at


Take Me Home Program;
• A regional photo-based information system hosted by the Sheriff’s Department accessible by all Law Enforcement in San Diego. It is designed to assist Law Enforcement (Police and Sheriff) during contacts with members of the community who have disabilities such as, but not limited to Huntington’s Disease, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, deafness or any other Developmental Disabilities.

National HDSA national website;
Families can request complementary education and support materials through HDSA’s National office
  • National Helpline - 800-345-4372
  • Huntington’s Disease ID bracelet