Click here to view a recording of Dr. Leora Fox presenting the latest research updates in Huntington's disease to the San Diego Chapter.

Dr. Leora Fox. Leora Fox is the Assistant Director of Research and Patient Engagement at the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. She obtained her PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia University, where she studied how brain cells clear away deposits of harmful huntingtin protein. Dr. Fox supports HDSA’s efforts towards funding research and communicating the science of Huntington’s disease. She works closely with HDSA fellows to support their progress, creates oral and written materials to explain the science behind current trials, and writes HDSA’s blog This Week in HD Research. She is passionate about helping HD families to keep abreast of scientific progress so that they can make informed decisions about participating in clinical research. In this prestation, Dr. Fox describes the different phases of clinical trials, and the main current focus in clinical research in HD. From huntingtin lower protein trials, to research determine why onset occurs differently in different people, to gene therapy, and oral therapy, Dr. Fox covers a wide variety of topics impacting HD populations.

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